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I graduated from the Honors Program at Syracuse University majoring in both History and Political Science.  I have always loved reading especially the realm of fantasy and mythology  My writing began soon after and has since continue in fits and starts throughout his adult life. 
The SPIRIT SAGA beginning with THE SPIRIT OF THE FOREST began all the way back in 2003 and the first two novels have been completed.  The novels draw heavily on the influence of Irish and Norse mythology and the incursions of the Vikings into Ireland.
The novel FROM THE SHADOWS is a quintessential urban fantasy steeped in a world where demons walk the streets of modern Manhattan and the world beyond.  It is influenced by extensive research in theology and demonology and the author’s own experiences growing up in a Catholic household.  The writers that have influenced this work are too numerous to mention but also in no small part the Japanese anime series titled, “Mushi-Shi”.
I currently live in the Orlando area with my magical wife, four wonderful children, three adorable dogs and one really fluffy cat.
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